2019-2020 Board of Directors

(Nov 1 through Oct 31)

President, John McLain

Vice President, Don Mason

Secretary, Bill Moir

Treasurer, Steve Bennett

Director, Ford Morishita

Director, Jim Gibbons

Director, Laurin Larsen

Director, Mike Lucich

Director, Zia Yamayee

Director, Steve Werts

Director, Mike Brown

Director, Glen Ferguson

Committee Chairs, Members, and Systems (under review and revision)

Interclub Cooperation Committee
Chairs: McLain and Mason
Members: Chris Bensel and the Presidents of the Niners and CWGA

Secretary/Archives Committee
Chairs: Bill Moir
Members; Bartlett, Newman
Systems: Word, Acrobat PDF, Website Posting with WordPress

Treasury/Finance Committee
Chair: Bennett
Members: Wilcox, Werts
Co-Signers: Steve Wert, Don Mason
Systems: Quick Books, Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, Columbia Bank Online

Tournaments Committee
Chairs: Laurin Larsen Chair, and Jim Donaldson, Assistant
—Games Selection and Scheduling: Morishita, Sanville, Mason, Larsen, Donaldson
—Payouts & Points: Bennett, Werts, Moir
—Scoring & Posting: Moir, Ferguson, Anderson, Feiweger, Stone, vacant
—Advisors: Bartlett: Brown, Meyers, Lucich, Mason, Newman
Systems: Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, Website Posting with WordPress, Golf Genius

Nine Hole Division Committee
Chairs: Zia Yamayee
Members: Book, Bob Miller, Thie, Lehl

Publicity & Communications Committee
Chairs: McLain and vacant
—News/Email/Website/Photos/Article Writing
Systems: Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Website Posting with WordPress, MailChimp, MediaPhysics vendor, GoDaddy

Social Committee
Chair: Glen Ferguson
Members: Meyers, Book, Bob Miller, Thie, Bartlett

• Meyers has volunteered, as a member at large, to be on the committee to organize three couples’ events and four MNO events. He will advise, train others, and fill in as needed.
• Invitational Tournament Chair will arrange for their own Social aspects of this event. Meyers has already scheduled Dalton’s for part of the event.

• Nine-Hole events (e.g. Guest Day) Yamayee will organize food for these events (e.g. nine-hole guest day) (Meyers has locked in Busters for 9-hole guest day)

• Season Finale & Awards Dinner (October 9, no golf) organizer; McLain

• These social events have volunteer leaders/organizers:
**March 18, New Members Meeting – Bennett & Yamayee
**April 4, Kick-off Breakfast and Golf – Larsen
**May 2, 18-hole Guest Day – Larsen & Brown
**July 11, 18-hole Guest Day – Larsen & Brown
**October 17, Annual Business Meeting Breakfast and Golf – Larsen

Rules & Handicap Committee
Chair: Mike Brown
—Rules: Brown, Bensel
—Handicap:Gibbons, Sanville, Simmons, Dan Wilcox
Systems: GHIN database, USGA Rules Book

Invitational Tournament Committee
Chair: Ford Morishita
Members: Brown, Heard, Harp, Taylor, Gary Scott, CWGA coordinators
Systems: Excel Spreadsheets, Word, Adobe PDF

Membership Committee
Chairs: Lucich and Moir
Members: Gibbons, McLain
Systems: GHIN database, Excel, Word, Adobe PDF

Audit Committee
Chair: McLain
Members: Brown, Taylor, Bartlett

Scholarship Coordinator
Chair: Larsen
Members: Yamayee, Moir, Gibbons, Niners, CWGA, and CGC Inc

Winter Education Coordinators
Chairs: Gibbons, McLain, Mason

OGA Liaison: Moir, supported by Gibbons

CGC Inc. Advisory Committee Liaison: Mike Brown