News Updates (All Active Members)

Men’s Club News: New local rule regarding drop zones

Amendment to MGC Local Rules (2-9-2021):

During regular Men’s Club play or events, drop zones are not to be used.  Apply the appropriate Rule of Golf drop method for your situation and then play your next shot.  A Penalty of one (1) shot is accrued.
All local rules can be found here on our website.

Phishing Emails sent to mailing list not from Men’s Club

Some of you may have received an email today regarding a Go Fund me effort that purports to be from the Charbonneau Men’s Club.

Please note that the email was not sent from and is not sponsored by the Men’s Club.

It is most likely a phishing email and is not a verifiable cause.

Men’s Club News: Nine hole calendar now available

The Nine Hole Division calendar for 2021 is now available.

Click here for details.

Men’s Club News: 2021 18 hole calendar published

The 2021 calendar for 18 hole golfers is now available.

Click here for more details.


The Charbonneau Men’s Club will be printing a new Men’s Club Directory for the 2021 season in early March. To be included in the directory a member must have paid his 2021 Men’s Club Dues by the end of February 2021.

The Men’s Club Website will have a current member list regardless of the date of membership.

Men’s Club News: New GHIN system authentication process

On January 11, all active OGA members will receive an automated email (to the email address that is in the GHIN system, of which there is only one) inviting them to create a username / password to finish creating their digital profile. Right now, all you need to get into your record is a GHIN number and last name. This is not secure. So, GHIN’s authentication process will take care of that. The member must create this profile on their own – we Administrators cannot do it for them.

2020 Men’s Club Awards

Trophies & Awards 2020 Men’s Club

Men’s Club Tournaments and Awards (based on 2020)

Most Improved Golfers

18 Hole:   Plaque ……Andy Schindler

9 Hole: Plaque……Dick Woodfin


Spring Handicap

Overall Champion:   Annual Trophy Update/Plaque….Bruce Stone

1st Flight         1st    Trophy Update, Medal ……. Dave Massing

2nd Flight       1st Trophy Update, Medal……Perry Esterson


27 Hole Match Play

1st Flight

Champion: Medal……Jeff Cummings

2nd Flight

Champion:Medal……Lee Zinsli

3rd Flight

Champion: Medal………..Bill Stout 

4th Flight

Champion: Medal……Al Landis

5th Flight

Champion: Medal….. John Demartino



Club Championship:     

Champion: Annual Trophy Update/Plaque …….Gene Harp

Net Champion:  Annual Trophy Update/Plaque……Jay Lillibridge

1st Flight

Gross 1stMedal……Jim Gibbons

Net  1stMedal……Bill Shevlin, Mark Willett

2nd Flight

Gross 1stMedal …..Al Landis

Net 1st……Alan Southwell.

3rd Flight: 

Gross 1st:  Medal .….Perry Esterson

Net 1st:  Medal……Tom Nielsen



Note:  Awards will be given out at the Pro Shop Saturday morning, Oct.17th  8am -12 noon        

                Questions? Laurin Larsen, 503 804-1200