Policy: Tournament Play

TOURNAMENT PLAY POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Approved by the Board of Directors 2/6/2019, and updated 7/6/2020

In order for a Member to play in a major golf tournament he must have posted TEN rounds at Charbonneau Golf Course in the past 12 months.

Eligibility for Charbonneau Men’s Club Tournaments is established as follows.

  1. Golf tournaments based on skill, such as the Club Championship, Spring and Fall Handicaps, Match Play are restricted to members of the Charbonneau Men’s Club who are in good standing and have an established USGA handicap. Guests may participate in all other events.
  2. Golf Events, such as the Men’s Night Out, the monthly Mixers and the Breakfast Events may include guests if they have an established handicap.
  3. Couples Social Events, such as the traditional holiday events, Foursome Teams must be composed of two men and two women. A team must contain no more than two guests (i.e. non-member of the 3 clubs CWGA, Niners, Men’s Club)”.
  4. The Men’s Invitational Committee will set the rules to enter and participate in prize money in the Men’s Invitational.