Policy: Due Process

DUE PROCESS POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Established – 2008

Periodically during the course of play in Men’s Club events, infractions of the rules of golf or general conduct may be committed either knowingly or unknowingly. When such infractions or conduct are reported to the Men’s Club Board of Directors a complete review of the situation will be conducted as deemed appropriate. The reviewing panel will consist of at least three Men’s Club Members, including the Handicap Committee Chair. Interviews of all parties concerned will be completed and all parties will have an opportunity to express their involvement. Once the review has been finalized, the reviewing panel will report to the Board of Directors.  If it is determined that further action is appropriate, the member under review will be afforded the opportunity to appear before the Board.

If after that appearance, the Board determines that the infraction is serious enough to warrant disciplinary action, a four-step process will be considered:

  • First infraction – verbal warning;
  • Second infraction – official letter of admonishment;
  • Third infraction – suspension from Men ‘s Club Events for a period not to exceed one year;
  • Fourth infraction – expulsion from the Men’s Club.

Should disciplinary action be warranted, the disciplined member will be afforded the opportunity to appear before the Board of Directors to appeal the disciplinary action prior to implementation. Once the appeal has been completed, the Board will take final action considered appropriate.

Additionally, should a member conduct himself in manner that is likely to injure the character or welfare of the Club, or bring discredit to the Club, the provisions of Section 4 (Expulsion from Membership) of the bylaws will be considered.