Approved by the Board of Directors 6/7/2022

The Men’s Club BLOCK of tee times on Wednesdays and Saturdays has been expanded to be 8:04 AM until 10:45 AM, sufficient to accommodate 80 members for Wednesday and Saturday play.

  • Invitations to play on Wednesday or Saturday are emailed to all members seven (7) days before the date of play via Golf Genius.
  • Members are assured tee times if they answer the invitation with “Playing”.
  • It is important to sign up early as the invitations are closed at 12:00 noon three days before the date of play.  If you sign up after the invitations are closed you will be placed on the tournament “wait list”.  Pairings and the Tee Sheet are often generated two (2) days before the date of play.  This is done because Charbonneau is a public golf course and unused tee times in the Men’s Club Block “may” be sold to the public after the Tee Sheet has been emailed to confirmed players. By selecting “Playing” in the Golf Genius invitation you will automatically receive a confirming email.  Please save that email because it will enable you to select “Not Playing” later in the week if you change your mind.  (No shows are a significant problem because they interfere with the Pro Shop’s ability to sell unused tee times)
  • Saturdays normally involve team play and all members responding to the Golf Genius invitation will be mixed. No Shows are a significant problem because they interfere with the Pro Shop’s ability to sell unused tee times. If less than 15% of the members who registered as “playing” either  cancel or fail to show up for their tee time, those members will be replaced with Blind Draws to maintain the total team handicap balance.
  • Wednesdays are normally reserved for individual play and those wishing to mix will be paired first.  All members must have selected “Playing” but a “message to the manager” can be sent requesting specific playing partners.
  • The scoring committee also tries to accommodate “messages to the manager” requesting early or late tee times.
  • No Show: When members sign up to play Saturday team games and don’t show to play, and don’t email the Scoring Committee or call the Pro Shop to let them know they aren’t able to play, the game organization becomes very disruptive. Any member who has signed up to play, and needs to cancel should cancel as soon as possible by sending an email to the Scoring Committee changing his registration to “Not Playing” using his Golf Genius confirming email, or the day of play by calling the Pro Shop at least an hour prior to his tee time. Repeat offenders will be notified by a board member and advised to please notify the Pro Shop or scorers when not able to keep the reservation.  If the member continues to sign up and not show up, Board action may be required.
  • Cancelation: Team games and individual games can be changed or canceled at any time. When players pay their game fees and do not complete their round, the game fee will not be refunded. On questionable weather days, the Pro Shop will not collect the $5 game fee until 30 minutes before the first tee time.  The Tournament Chair, or his designated representative, will determine whether to play scheduled game or not. For individual games, if determined that the scheduled game will be played, the same game will be played as scheduled. For team games, on questionable weather days when it is determined play will continue, the game will be changed to an individual low gross/low net game. A member who has registered to play in a team game, but doesn’t play in the individual game because of the weather will be entitled to a refund of his $5 entry.
  •          Withdrawals and “no shows” that occur after 8 am on the morning of the scheduled game make it difficult to have a team game, because it is very difficult for the Scoring Committee to rearrange the tee sheet in a fair manner.  Therefore, when 15% of more of the members who have registered to play either withdraw after 8 am or simply don’t show up to play, the team game will automatically be changed to an individual low gross and low net game.