GUEST POLICY of the Charbonneau Men’s Club

Board Updated and Approved 6/5/2019

Men’s Club events are for the enjoyment of members. Members may invite male guests (includes juniors) to play at club events in the following conditions.

  1.  A guest is anyone who is not a member of the Charbonneau Men’s Club.
  2. Guests will not be allowed into the Men’s Club event prize pools unless otherwise noted in the specific event rules (e.g. Invitational Tournament).
  3. Guests may NOT participate in the following Charbonneau Men’s Club events:
    1. Club Championship
    2. Charbonneau Cup
    3. Match Play Championships
    4. Spring and Fall Tournaments
    5. A member can invite no more than three guests per event (e.g. fill up a single tee time).
    6. A specific guest is restricted to no more than four times per year and no more than two times in any one month. These limits encourage guests to join the club if they desire to play more often.
    7. A Member’s guest privileges can be restricted in the judgement of the Tournament Committee Chairman for “too many” guests during a golf season, or other situations that detract from the enjoyment of all the members at an event.
    8. Handicaps are required in most Men’s Club events.Any guest who does not have a GHIN handicap when required, must make arrangements for a handicap with the head pro of the Charbonneau Golf Club 7 days in advance of the event.  Any guest not having a GHIN handicap in advance of the event will play with a ZERO handicap.


The Tournament Committee Chairman can declare exceptions to this policy from time to time, especially for special events where guests are specifically part of the event.