Policy: Local Rules for Men’s Club Events

LOCAL RULES OF GOLF for Charbonneau Men’s Club

TEMPORARY exceptions are in effect during COVID-19 course setup (modified cups, no rakes):

Recently, USGA and OGA provided guidance to confirm that golfers are “required” to post a score, by adjusting the scoring process to write down your “most likely score” on the card, and then POST that score to GHIN using a personal phone, pad, laptop, or desk top computer (the Pro Shop computer is off limits for now).


From USGA: COVID-19 Rules and Handicapping FAQs March 20, 2020
(Rules of Golf Department and Handicapping Department @usga.org):

Some courses are setting holes so that the hole liner remains an inch or two above the surface of the green while others have placed various objects into the hole or around the flagstick (such as foam pool noodles or plastic piping) so that a ball is unable to fall to the bottom.
While in all of these instances, the ball is not holed per the Rules of Golf (Rule 3.3c), a round played under these conditions will result in an acceptable score for handicap purposes using the most likely score guidelines (see Rule 3.3 of the Rules of Handicapping).
While the most likely score procedure is intended to support certain formats of play where the player is not required to hole out (such as in match play when the player’s next stroke is conceded or in four-ball stroke play when a partner picks up), it is also temporarily in effect where the above described safety measures are being used.
When using most likely score, the player should consider the number of strokes most likely required to complete the hole and determine whether the ball would have been holed or not. Most likely score is at the player’s best judgment and should not be used to gain an unfair advantage.
This measure is temporary and in effect within the United States until advised otherwise by the USGA.

— — — Rule 3.3 USGA Rules of Handicapping — — —
There are various circumstances that might result in a player starting a hole but not holing out. For example, when:
• The result of the hole has already been decided,
• A hole has been conceded in match play,
• A player’s partner has already posted a better score in a Four-Ball format and the player picks up, or
• A player has already reached their net double bogey limit on a specific hole.
• (and temporarily, COVID-19 influenced course modifications on greens and bunkers)
When a player starts a hole but does not hole out for a valid reason, subject to other provisions set out within the Rules of Handicapping, the player must record their most likely score or net double bogey, whichever is lower, as appropriate for the situation and depending on the format of play.
The most likely score is:
• The number of strokes already taken to reach a position on a hole, plus
• The number of strokes the player would most likely require to complete the hole from that position, plus
• Any penalty strokes incurred during play of the hole.
Most likely scores should be determined on any hole in accordance with the following guidelines (There are visual diagrams on the USGA website):

Position of the Ball Strokes to be Added
If the ball lies on the putting green, and is no more than 5 feet from the hole: Add one additional stroke.
If the ball lies between 5 feet and 20 yards from the hole: Add 2 or 3 additional strokes, depending on the position of the ball, the difficulty of the green and the ability of the player.
If the ball lies more than 20 yards from the hole: Add 3 or 4 additional strokes, depending on the position of the ball, the difficulty of the green and the ability of the player.

— — — Charbonneau Course Bunkers — — —
Bunkers with NO RAKES: If the ball comes to rest in a “disturbed area” (e.g. footstep or depression left by a prior player) then the ball may be placed in an undisturbed or smooth area (no closer to the hole) as close as possible to the original spot of the ball, without penalty.

NORMAL Local Rules (applies unless there is an exception for COVID-19 course setup):

Updated 3/23/2020 (Mike Brown Committee Chair)

These rules will always be in effect during score posting season!

  • Every ball counting toward a team or individual score must be holed (No gimmes).
  • All Men’s Club events are played under USGA rules.
  • When inclement weather conditions intercede, the club will play Local Rules for Preferred Lies.

PREFERRED LIES (WINTER RULES) — Generally, when power carts are restricted to paths only, then Preferred Lies are in effect.  Now allowed in the general areas of the course (i.e. includes fairway and the rough, doesn’t include penalty areas). This rule allows for lifting and cleaning the ball, then placing it within one club length (not a putter) of the original position, no closer to the hole than was the original position.

RED PENALTY AREAS – All water hazards are red penalty areas.

BALL LOST OR OUT OF BOUNDS — Play a provisional ball.  The new local rule (drop in fairway – 2 stroke penalty) is not in effect for Men’s Club play unless otherwise noted for a specific event.

Amendment to MGC Local Rules (2-9-2021):
DROP ZONES — During regular Men’s Club play or events, drop zones are not to be used.  Apply the appropriate Rule of Golf drop method for your situation and then play your next shot.  A Penalty of one (1) shot is accrued.
With the introduction of Golf Genius, most of our Men’s Club events are scored and posted using this very powerful software.  However, it is suggested that when you play a postable round and go to GHIN to post your score, that you take the time to post your score Hole-by-Hole rather than posting a total score or the individual 9-Hole scores of your 18 Hole round.  This way GHIN will make any adjustments, if needed, so that your score is accurately posted using the net double bogie adjustment currently in place.  Your Handicap Chairman would be glad to explain this process if you need help. (Amended to MGC Local Rules, 8-15-2021, MGB)